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Psychological Assessment

In general, the objective of “psychological assessment” or “testing” is to address inquiries related to your intellectual, academic, social, and/or emotional functioning. This is commonly accomplished through standardized tests (such as intelligence and academic tests), informal tests, interviews, questionnaires, observation, and examination of previous evaluation records or reports.

Assessment involves multiple sessions to discuss your background, administer specific tests, and evaluate your results. In the case of child clients, there may also be a visit to the student’s school to observe them in the classroom.

The assessment results include a description of the current level of functioning in the evaluated areas, along with recommendations and, if necessary, referrals for additional services. Feedback is provided through both meetings and written reports.

Completing a psychological assessment can offer potential benefits, including a detailed description of strengths and challenges in the evaluated areas, as well as specific recommendations for addressing areas of difficulty.

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